How to use San Francisco Bike Map

  • Welcome
    Welcome to the Interactive Bicycle Map of San Francisco. The overall purpose of this map is to make our city more bicycle friendly for all San Franciscans. Our community based resource advocates cycling as a form of everyday transportation. Here you will find information on bicycle routes, trails, bike friendly roads as well as bike parking and bike sharing locations.

    To see the map you have to first zoom-in on an area of interest. Please note that all available bike-riding features are displayed on the map by default. To disable one or more features, click the corresponding icon in the top right navigation menu.

    Note that you should use street view option in the lower right corner of the map to actually see everything we show on this map.
  • Share Your Location
    Share your geographic location with our system to automatically retrieve parking regulations.
  • Search by Address
    Enter address in the search bar to enter information manually or simply click on the map.
  • Get Bike-Only Directions
    This feature allows you to get bike only riding directions. Enter your starting point and destination to get suggestions for bicycling only routes and trails.
  • Bicycle Parking
    This feature shows bicycle parking spots and racks in SF. Click any icon on the map to see the number of racks installed at corresponding location.
  • Bay Area Bike Share Stations
    This feature shows Bay Area Bike Share Stations. Click any icon on the map to see the number of bikes and docks currently available. Bay Area Bike Share is region's bike sharing system with numerous stations across San Francisco and Bay Area.
  • San Francisco Bike Network
    This feature shows bicycling map layer. Bike-friendly roads, trails and dedicated bicycle lanes are displayed on this map. See legend on the lower right corner for more information.
  • Bike-Only Infrastructure Features
    This feature shows bike-only road features, such as bike-boxes, sharrows, and bike-only traffic light signals. Click on any icon on the map to get more information on a particular bicycle only feature.
  • Printable Version of Bike Map
    This feature enables printing and sharing of the San Francisco Bikeway Network Map. This map is created by SF Municipal Transportation Agency, an excellent resource for any urban cycler. Map shows extensive bike network along with terrain and street features, as well as BART, Caltrain, and Bay Area Bike Share stations. Bicycle safety tips are also included. Good idea to have a hard copy of this map, especially if you do not know our hilly city well.
  • Additional Biking Resources
    San Francisco Bicycle Coalition: www.sfbike.org
    Bay Area Bike Commuting: bicycling.511.org
    Bay Area Bike Share: www.bayareabikeshare.com
    SFMTA: www.sfmta.com
    Request Bike Parking in SF: www.sfmta.com/bikeparking