Cambridge Street Cleaning & Parking Guide

The Division ensures clean public ways through citywide mechanical street sweeping and more intensive street sweeping, sidewalk cleaning, and litter collection in city squares. Crews conduct regular power-washing of public area trash and recycling receptacles and operate a graffiti removal program. In recent years, increasing the number of recycling bins in public areas and continuing citywide rodent control efforts have been major priorities. In addition to neighborhood sweeping, City squares are cleaned daily: on weekdays from 7 am to 3 pm, weekends and holidays from 4 am to 8 am (street sweeping) and 6 am to 10 am (hand-cleaning crew). Litter barrels in squares are emptied twice daily on weekdays and three times daily on weekends.

Street Cleaning at Parking Meters. Some meters are in street cleaning areas and will be ticketed and towed if parked at a meter during the day and time posted for street cleaning. In most cases, the street cleaning restriction at a meter is from 7am to 10am.

City of Cambridge Street Cleaning Schedule

Cambridge No Parking

Resident Parking Permit

Resident Parking Permits allow Cambridge residents to park their vehicles, including motorcycles, in locations throughout the City posted "Parking by Permit Only". Visitor Parking Permits are provided to Cambridge residents for use by their guests to park near residents’ homes. When placed on the dashboard, it may be used in locations signed as "Parking by Permit Only".

Curb Cut Permits

A curb cut is an opening in the curb that allows a vehicle to access private property. Property owners who want to open a new curb cut or modify, expand or move an existing curb cut must apply for a permit from the city before starting construction.

Block Parties

A block party is a community-based event hosted by a group of neighbors, a not-for-profit organization or an association on a City street requiring closing of a portion of the street, a single block, for part of a day.

Parking Meters

The City of Cambridge has installed parking meters to provide short-term parking for visitors and patrons of Cambridge businesses. Most street meters have a two-hour time limit; others have 30- or 60-minute limits. All on-street meters in Cambridge take U.S. quarters only. Other coins deposited will not give any time on the meter. The on-street parking meter rates are $1.00 per hour, 15 minutes for $.25 cents. Payment at meters is not required on Commonwealth of Massachusetts holidays or on Sundays.

Parking time limits are posted on signs in the vicinity of meters. These signs explain the maximum time vehicles can be parked at that meter, the hours the meter is in operation and either the days the meter is in operation or the exceptions when the meter is not in operation (i.e., 8am-6pm ex. Sunday).

Meters, Lots, and Garages Map

Cambridge Distant Meter

Tour Bus Parking

The city of Cambridge has 2 locations which are designated for tour bus drop off / pick up.

  • Tour Bus Drop Off / Pick Up - Harvard Square Area
  • Tour Bus Drop Off / Pick Up - MIT Area

Time Limited Parking

Areas where parking is permitted but limited to a specified duration

Disability Parking Space

Any disabled person may park in any disability parking space in Cambridge as long as a Disability Plate or Placard or Cambridge Temporary Disability Parking Permit is displayed.

Cambridge residents who have a disability plate or placard may file an application for a disability space adjacent to their homes.

Parking Map

There are several public parking facilities in Cambridge. The Traffic and Parking Department owns and operates both surface parking lots and two parking garages. This map is designed to show you the Parking Lots and Garages as well as any metered parking spaces in the City.

Interactive Parking Map

Traffic, Parking & Transportation Department

  • Address: 344 Broadway, Cambridge MA 02139
  • Phone: 617-349-4700; Fax: 617-349-4747
  • TDD: 617-492-0235

Hours: Monday: 8:30am-8pm; Tuesday-Thursday: 8:30am-5pm; Friday: 8:30am-12pm

Airport Parking

The closest airport to Cambridge is Boston Logan International Airport (BOS). It is located about 7 miles east of Cambridge. You can see parking restrictions and rates for BOS at the Boston Airport parking page.

Traffic, Parking, and Transportation Tips

Whether you live in Cambridge or are just visiting, you may need to park a car. The following page is created by the City of Cambridge. It provides information about the different types of parking available in Cambridge.

Park a Car in Cambridge