Phoenix Street Cleaning & Parking Guide

Residential streets are swept quarterly in coordination with bulk trash collections.

Sweeping Schedule(PDF) map showing the bulk trash pick-up dates for each area and the corresponding residential street sweeping dates. Use this map to find your area on the schedule. Please note that this is a target projection. Every effort will be made to remain on schedule throughout the year. Keep in mind that unpredictable priorities such as storm debris removal after major rain events could alter this schedule.

Sweeping Schedule -

For more information on municipal street sweeping operations call 602-262-7194.

Resident Permit Parking

Phoenix established the Resident Permit Parking Program (RPPP) in 1987, as a tool to address difficult neighborhood parking intrusion problems. Its purpose was to address significant intruder parking problems, such as those that occur in neighborhoods adjacent to the Arizona State Fairgrounds, Chase Field Ballpark, or a major employer. In most cases, parking intrusion problems can and should be addressed using traditional methods that have far fewer drawbacks for residents. To make traditional methods work, the city is willing to go to great lengths to custom-design parking prohibition signs with specific hours that will successfully thwart intruder parking, yet retain most resident parking privileges.

There are currently 27 areas in the city of Phoenix that are eligible for ‘resident only’ parking. View the area map(PDF) to see if you live in one of these areas.

Map -

Pheonix Resident Parking

Parking Meters

Currently, the City of Phoenix Street Transportation Department operates approximately 2,000 parking meters in the Downtown, Uptown, Capitol, and Phoenix College areas. All meters and pay stations are enforced 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily, including weekends and holidays. Meters cost $1.50 per hour and coin-only meters cost $1 per hour.

Most meters accept credit/debit cards and coins and others only accept coins. Pay-by-cell is also available via the Pango Mobile Parking app for credit card enabled parking meters.

Time limits generally vary by location. Time limits at metered locations can range from 15 minutes to as long as 8 hours. In most areas, the maximum duration is 2 hours; however, some areas may have longer maximum durations during the evenings and weekends. The parking time limits are posted on each meter.

Phoenix Parking Meter

(Photo: Patrick Breen/The Arizona Republic)

White Curb

If you see a white curb, you will not be able to leave your vehicle parked in that location. This area is only for picking up or dropping off passengers. You cannot spend a long time sitting and waiting for people to come to your vehicle or to get out.

Yellow curb

A yellow means that you can stop alongside of the curb to load or unload items from your vehicle. You will need to stay with your car when you are parked alongside a yellow curb. Pay close attention to the signs. In most cases, you may park at a yellow commercial loading zones after 5 pm. If a meter is present, you must pay from 5 pm to 10 pm in loading zones. You may not park in a loading zone between 7 am and 5 pm unless you have commercial plates and are engaged in legitimate loading activity.

Red curb

A red curb, it means you are not allowed to park alongside it at any time. You cannot stop there to drop off or pick up passengers, and you can’t stop to load or unload any items. The red curbs are typically fire lanes, and they should be very easy to denote.

Disabled Parking

Phoenix has several on-street accessible parking spaces throughout the downtown area. Each space is clearly marked with a special sign with the international symbol of access. Parking at an accessible space is governed by Phoenix City Code 36-149 and Arizona Revised Statute 28-884.​​

Phoenix Reserved Parking

Time Limited Parking

Pay attention to the sign. Basically parking is allowed 1 or 2 hours.

Parking Enforcement

For all parking spaces, make sure you are aware of the space time limit as shown on the parking meter or paystation sign. Most spaces allow parking for one to two hours. Parking longer than the allowable limit may result in a fine per Phoenix City Code 36-154. Also, please keep in mind that parking at an inoperable meter may result in a ticket. Parking meter citations are issued to improve compliance. Without parking meter citations, these restrictions would frequently be ignored. Please note that if your citation is delinquent, you may owe additional penalties and interest that are not included in the amount due.

Enforcement Hours Effective August 18, 2014:

Every Day (Including Holidays) - 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Street Transportation Department - 602-262-6284